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Knight orders-Military orders

knight military ordersKnight orders-military orders in medieval times. List of military orders. Knights Templar, Hospitallers, Knights of St. John, Teutonic knights, Calatrava knights and others.

Medieval Knight Orders
Info and amazing about knight military orders in medieval times.

Military orders were organizations of knights offering two the most interesting works in medieval times: war and religion. First Knight orders were established during crusades. Military orders became stronger with a huge influence in policy of medieval Europe.


List of the Military orders

Knights Templar
Other names: Templars, Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon, Order of the Temple
Founded: 1118 by Hugues de Payens and next 8 knights.
Templars were one of the famous of the Christian military orders. Their original purpose was protection of the travelers to Holy Land.
Templars were very successful and the order grew rapidly. Templars owned numerous castles and lands in various European countries, they provided first banking system in Europe, they were known for charity.
Their success was probably reason of their end. Templars were banned in the beginning of the 14th century by Philip IV, king of France and by Clement V. Highly ranked templars were arested and executed. The templar Order was disbanded in 1312.

Templar cross: red cross on white background.
knights templar
Knights Hospitaller
Other names: Hospitallers, Order of Hospitallers, Sovereign Military Order of Malta, Knights of Malta, Knights of St. John
Founded by Blessed Gerard
The name Hospitallers came because they cared of sick pilgrims to Holy land. After fall of Holy Land the Hospitallers moved to Rhodos and later to Malta.
The Order of Knights of Saint John is in service till today and it has a protestant branches in England, Germany, Sweden.

Cross of Hospitallers: white cross on black background / white cross on red background.
knights hospitaller
Teutonic Order
Other names: Teutonic knights, German knights, Order of Brothers of the German House of Saint Mary in Jerusalem
Founded: 1190
The Teutonic Order was founded in 1190 during the siege of Acre, when a hospital brotherhood was established to care for the many sick German crusaders. It was given a building after the conquest of the city, and in 1198 was turned into a military-monastic order on the model of the Hospitallers of Saint John and the Templars.
Teutonic knights were on of the most powerful military order. They owned huge ares in northern and central Europe: Germany, Poland, Baltic states, cities and castles in Czech kingdom.

Teutonic cross: black cross on white background.
teutonic knights
Knights of Saint James
Other names: Hospitallers of Saint Jame, Knights of the Tau
Founded in Italy, TUscany. Order took care of pilgrims, sick and they also took care of local safety around roads and bridges.

Saint James cross: red cross on white background.
knights of saint james
Calatrava Knights
Other names: Order of Calatrava.
Spanish military order founded in Castile as a military branch of Cistercians. Calatrava knights fought against Moors during reconquista.

Calatrava cross: Red cross combined with fleur de lis on back background.
calatrava knights

Other military orders in medieval Europe: Order of the Dragon, Order of Saint Michael of the Wing, Knights of the Cross with the Red Star, Livonian Brothers of the Sword, Militia of Jesus Christ, Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem and many more.

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