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Medieval falchion sword

falchion swordFalchion is a medieval sword with curved blade reminding a heavy shamshir. Description and use of medieval falchion sword. Falchion sword origin.

Falchion sword origin
Some theories explaining falchion like a sword adopted by crusaders in Asia. Other historians trust the falchion was developed from the European farming tools and sax knives (seax).

Falchion description and features
Falchion is one handed medieval sword with a single edge. Falchion blade is curved and wider on its tip than on guard.

Falchion combined the weight and power of an axe with the versatility of a sword.

The length of the Falchion sword ranged from 36 - 40 inches.

The Medieval Falchion sword weighed between 1 - 2 pounds.


Falchion sword was used between 11th and 16th centuries.

Medieval knights with falchion swords

Medieval knights with falchion swords in Battle of Goden Spurs (1302, Flanders).

The picture is presenting French and Flemish warriors armed by falchions.

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